Ergonomics ─ why is it worth?

To meet occupational diseases

  • Building a team and longer job seniority
  • Reducing the number of sick leave

Company image

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Friendly employer

Work efficiency

  • Proper movement patterns
  • Increased motivation of employees by more ergonomic work

We provide ergonomic advice, consisting in ergo- physiotherapeutic consultations at the workplace.
Their goal is to achieve the most optimal – in terms of health and efficiency – how to perform the work.

How do we diagnose?

  • Ergo-physiotherapeutic team taking into consideration medical and biomechanical conditions.
  • Methods-Time Measurement and research on workplace ergonomics Ergonomic Assessment Work-Sheet.
  • Use of algometer, weight, measure, stopwatch, video cameras, medimouse (for research).


  • Observation of workplace and consultations with physiotherapists, biomechanics and workplace health and safety department.
  • Modification of habits at work and at rest.
  • Evaluation of the effects.