What is the Fascial Manipulation method which I am practising during therapy?

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What is the Fascial Manipulation by Stecco (FM) method that you practise on your patients?

Paweł Cyrek: It combines an interview, movement verification, an assessment of the patient's level of pain as well as a manual and palpation examination. Fascial Manipulation by Stecco is a holistic concept of manual therapy, taking into account not only the myofascial system, but also the functioning and treatment of other systems of our organism. I would add that the effectiveness of the therapy is certainly due to the diligence and experience of the therapist who applies it. In this case, it is worth referring to patients’ recommendations who had the opportunity to find an effective certified FM physiotherapist.

Can you tell more about the diagnosis of this method?

The interview takes into account any injuries and serious disorders that might have occurred throughout the patient's life. Their age, duration, and causes of any injuries make it possible to determine which parts of the body are most stressed and require therapy. It follows the principle that we treat "not a part of the body, but the whole person".

Movement tests are the second step in confirming whether past injuries affect specific segments of the movement system at this point. Tests are also performed after each session to see if there has been any expected improvement.

Manual and palpatory examination is the third stage of diagnosis when the therapist finds densified points of fascial thickness. These places often reproduce pain, may radiate and significantly restrict tissue mobility. It is at these points, where the vectors of forces meet, that a patient is treated.

How many meetings does an effective therapy require?

Usually I need 4 to 5 sessions, and I expect a noticeable improvement after only the second sessions. It usually takes a couple of minutes to relax one point. During one session I treat several points related to an interview and/or movement test, confirmed by palpation.

Is the therapy painful?

Yes, changes that persist for a long time require breaking down and releasing the solidified tissue, so the therapy itself is not necessarily a pleasant one.

Is the therapy painful?

Can we expect long-term improvement after the therapy? According to my knowledge, FM by Stecco therapy is the most researched based type of the manual therapy. The Stecco Institute and cooperating doctors, physiotherapists and universities have been conducting research on the effectiveness of the method for 20 years, describing the long-term effects of patients' treatment. Their results concerning various disorders often confirm the long-term effects of FM therapy. The method is also well-established for post mortem examinations, emphasizing the functions of the fascia, muscles and the nervous system.

dr Paweł Cyrek - physiotherapist, lecturer, manual therapist. He specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from work-related overload, in injuries and operations, and in working with children with postural disorders. An interview on how I give therapy and videos with Dr. Cyrek are available at: https://rehabilitowac.pl/gabinet/. Patients' opinions can be found on the website: Znany Lekarz

He teaches correct movement patterns and trains physiotherapists and trainers all over Poland. He develops his competencies by taking part in numerous courses conducted by Polish and foreign specialists. Most often he works with the Fascia Manipulation method, about which he writes in more detail on this page: https://rehabilitowac.pl/fm-2

He completed his PhD on postural defects, quality of life and the level of back pain in 2018 at the University of Physical Education in Kraków. He currently teaches Palpatory Anatomy at the Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Kraków University.

Dr Cyrek devises training courses for physiotherapists in the field of fascia therapy and functional training. He developed an original concept for the diagnosis of postural patterns and functional proprioception training. Founder of the http://goodmood.pl/ initiative.