Workshops and seminars with training sessions and practical exercises

The aim of the 45-minute lecture is to make employees aware that changing certain habits can greatly improve the comfort of his/her functioning. The first part of the lecture, which lasts roughly 20 minutes, concerns:

  • The possibility of fully activating muscles
  • Correction of faulty posture and movement patterns
  • Lifestyle factors (exercise, diet, regularity).

The remaining time of the lecture will be devoted to interaction with the audience and taking and answering questions.

The Lecture in Krakow will cost 150 zł. It is run by Paweł Cyrek, physiotherapist and PhD student of the University School of Physical Education in Kraków.

The purpose of the “Day of consultation” in the workplace is to answer the following questions:

  • how can employee absences due to L4 layoffs be counteracted?
  • how can the well-being and efficiency of employees in the workplace be improved?

The ​answers to these questions are formed by checking​ ​whether there is a significant relationship between the state of health of employees and their motivation at work.